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Raccoon Removal

Hearing a bump in the night or scratching in the attic can be pretty unnerving. Raccoons commonly tear their way in to attics and crawl spaces in Central Missouri. In the spring, female raccoons will have litters of babies in attics. If the home owner is hearing a high pitched chattering sound, raccoons in the attic are a strong likelihood.

Raccoons will live in a attic year-round, but less commonly in the heat of the summer months. The highest volume of raccoon jobs are in the fall and winter. They are opportunistic and will take up residence in an attic, soffit, crawl space or chimney.

Quick & Humane Raccoon Removal

We have techniques to remove problem raccoons quickly and humanely. If young are present, we have a product that we can apply to trigger the female to move the young out of the structure so that they are more likely to survive.

Raccoon Facts

• Raccoons are very smart. They will figure out how to get in pet doors, trash cans and any other place with a food source.

• They can become very aggressive if cornered.

• Generally, raccoons will be nocturnal, leaving at dusk and returning early in the morning to sleep all day.

• Raccoons usually pick one spot to be their latrine wherever they live. They will use this spot day after day, and in extreme cases the attic must be cleaned out and disinfected. Raccoon feces can carry roundworms that can be transmitted to humans and pets.